Category Task Name Requirements Bounty Status
new codec add support for Apple(tm)'s 2vuy uncompressed 8bit 4:2:2 video Unspecified $70 Completed by jsteward
New container (file format) Support for DVD-ready MPEG2-PS, single-pass, with multiplexing. When the user chooses MPEG as rendering format, he shall be able to render and multiplex audio and video in one pass, to an MPEG2 program stream that dvdauthor can use directly. The MPEG2 stream must be playable on any compliant hardware DVD player.
The encoder shall be integrated in Cinelerra, and not depend on external executables. Shared library dependencies are OK.
Euros 300 Open
(depends on MPEG PS container)
Improved GUI separating default profiles and detailed options. The GUI shall offer a few simple profiles, suitable for (but not limited to) creating a 90 minutes long DVD from DV source material, with a fair mix of motion and detail. The default profile must be suitable for both PAL and NTSC.
In addition, the user interface shall expose most of the parameters that is relevant for performance and quality tweaking. However, these settings should be hidden in the default view (details>>, or similar...)
Euros 50 Open
Interlacing Rendering interlaced content, without deinterlacing Cinelerra must handle interlaced content gracefully, even when the resources have different interlacing order than the output format. Projects may mix progressive, top field first and bottom field first clips. Euros 200 Open
Rendering efficiency and quality Streamcopying of temporally compressed video (MPEG1 and MPEG2) Only frames requiring a reencoding shall be reencoded during rendering. The rest shall be streamcopied from the original resources.
The GUI shall present an option for this when the the output format matches one of the input resources. The UI must inform the user what the target bitrate will be, and force the settings to be consistent with that.
Euros 250 Open
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Last modified on 20 February 2014