Google Summer of Code

With the hope to get some nice work done, we tried to get into Google Summer of Code.
Here is the work planned:

Category Task Requirements Mentor Status
Driver My favorite project is to make X11, X11-XV, and X11-GL drivers into a single driver which decides at runtime which accelerations are available and dynamically load GL libraries. That way it's not necessary to have separate builds for OpenGL and non-OpenGL support. And it's also possible to make ATI drivers work. OpenGl X11 X11-XV X11-GL Johannes Sixt Open
Base Open
GUI and media Editing with proxies (low res or low quality copies, to lower CPU load or I/O), transparently
  • GUI that offers re-encoding to a proxy format.
  • GUI that enables switching between proxy and original
  • (optional) re-calculating x,y values in effects that depend on size and scale.
Herman Robak Open
Losslees codecs Add support for the huffyuv codec, the ffmpeg ffv1 codec (optional) and the DV50 codec (optional)
  • The codec(s) must be fully integrated into Cinelerra's Render dialog, with single-pass rendering/muxing.
  • Realtime playback performance and responsive seeking on baseline hardware.
Herman Robak Open
Easy DVD-ready MPEG2 rendering Support for the MPEG container, creating DVD-ready MPEG2 program streams in a single operation.
  • Multiplexing must be automatic, not requiring manual intervention.
  • The GUI must offer defaults suitable for VCD and DVD.
  • The output MPEG2 files must work with dvdauthor without modification.
Herman Robak Open
Last modified on Sept 19 2011